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2022 panto canselled do to Covid-19

Due to covid-19 we sadly have to cancel our 2022 panto. We hope to be back to normal in the autumn of 2022. Stay tuned!


In the autumn of 1998, Rosemary Lund had suffered from theater abstinence for too long. After an unsuccessful attempt to restore the theater group she and a cuple of friends had run 20 years earlier, Rosemary knew that this was something she had to do by herself. That same year she started planning what would become Bergen Amateur Dramatic Society - BADS. In autumn of 1999 BADS was a reality!

The first show produced was Sleeping Beauty. Scripts were written and adapted; extra part was written inn as needed. This has been a hallmark of BADS. The plays are built up around the British panto style - with lots of humor, singing, dancing and play between actors and audience.

There are no hindrances to becomming an activ member of BADS; like a wheelchair, halting, stuttering, incapacity to remember lines etc. On the contrary, it has given BADS its own style. In short BADS spreads joy through musical comedy!

The ensamble consists of children and adults of all ages. The practices starts in August/September and results in 6 or 7 major performances in Fana kulturhus at Nesttun.
In addition BADS also travels around visiting nursing homes throughout Bergen preforming shortened versions of the main production, free of charge.

You can also see BADS dancing and singing in the 17th of may parade in town or on Parkdagene in Nygårdsparken.


If you wish to contact us please send an e-mail or call one of the numbers listed below. BADS is located at Ulriken Bydelssenter on Landås in Bergen, while the performances are played at Fana kulturhus at Nesttun.


Tel .: 403 06 760 or 411 75 093


Performances: Fana kulturhus, Østre Nesttunvegen 18, Bergen


If you have any questions about purchasing tickets, these will be answered at tel .: 41753651 / 40515907